But, they even offer outstanding fish fry (on Fridays only) with breaded cod, coleslaw, house-made fries and rye bread

But, they even offer outstanding fish fry (on Fridays only) with breaded cod, coleslaw, house-made fries and rye bread

Each supper are offered with coleslaw, a rye-bread and your chosen area

The packaging House 900 E. , (414) 483-5054 packinghousemke [Read the Thank Cod It really is Fryday evaluation] Drive-thru preferences carry-out can be acquired. The packaging House is notably well-known for its fish fry, which is available in both cooked or fried kinds while using the standard sides. It also provides a drive-through service. Simply identify the traffic spilling onto Layton method (but remember, it’s cash-only for your drive-thru!).

Panther club & Eatery 5651 general St., Greendale, (414) 423-5800 Thepantherpub check out this area watering gap for Riverwest Stein hands battered cod, coleslaw and rye-bread. Fish fry try served with your choice of fries or do-it-yourself potato pancakes and applesauce.

Layton Ave

Pat’s Niche Pub & Grub 3956 S. Howell Ave., (414) 539-6452 patsniche At Pat’s fried or cooked cod, perch or catfish include supported with a choice of fries or potato pancakes, coleslaw, tartar sauce and rye-bread. Applesauce is obtainable upon request.

Polonez 4016 S. Packard Ave, St Francis, (414) 482-0080 polonezrestaurant [see the Thank Cod It really is Fryday analysis] consume the outdated school ambiance (as well as the dill pickle soups) at this Milwaukee solution. Seafood fry possibilities include deep-fried hand-breaded cod or perch supported up with remoulade, coleslaw as well as your range of potato (paprika fries, French fries or potato pancakes). Each solution has a side of salad or soup.

Ricardo’s 5627 Broad St., Greendale, (414) 421-1980 ricardosgreendale [check the appreciate Cod It really is Fryday overview] If you’ve just purchased pizza pie at Ricardo’s, it is time to try their particular fish fry. Selection consist of breaded cod, cooked cod, Italian breaded perch or fan-tail shrimp offered up with conventional edges, like potato pancakes.

Sabrosa Cafe & Gallery 3216 S. Howell Ave., (312) 834-1929 sabrosa.cafe Love alcohol battered walleye, cod or cornmeal breaded perch (or all three!) with lime slaw, rye bread, hush puppies and fries.

Sandra’s throughout the playground 10049 W. Forest room Ave., Hales sides, (414) 235-8889 Sandrasonthepark Sandra’s Friday seafood fry qualities beer-battered or cooked cod with coleslaw, salted marble rye and residence fries or potato pancakes. Bookings required for dine-in.

Scotty’s pub & Pizza 3921 S. Clement Ave., (414) 481-6060 facebook/HistoricScottysBarPizza At Scotty’s, there is this type of thing as lightweight. Large parts of beer-battered, breaded or cooked cod or breaded perch include homemade coleslaw, rye bread as well as your range of boiled carrots, potato pancakes or fries.

Slick Willies 2301 12th Ave., Southern Milwaukee (414) 762-1974 facebook/SlickWillysBarAndGrill [check the appreciate Cod It really is Fryday assessment] Sleek Willies acts alcohol battered cod, breaded shrimp, beer battered walleye or a sampler platter with cod, walleye and shrimp. Side put coleslaw, tartar sauce, buttered marble rye and Sugar Dad UK guests’ selection of fries or potato pancakes. Furthermore provided is soups (clam chowder) and salad.

Steny’s Tavern & barbeque grill 800 S. 2nd St., (414) 672-7139 stenystavern [see the appreciate Cod It’s Fryday assessment] At Steny’s monday will be the nights for alcohol battered cod, accomplished baked cod, deep-fried or pan-fried perch or breaded shrimp.

Twisted Fisherman 1200 W channel St., (414) 384-2722 Twistedfisherman Twisted Fisherman’s fish fry features fried cod with fries, coleslaw, rye, butter and orange.

Wegner’s St. Martins Inn 11318 W. St. Martins Rd., Franklin (414) 425-9971 stmartinsinn [Read the appreciate Cod its Fryday analysis] There’s a lot to love at Wegner’s St. Martins Inn fish fry where you could pick from beer battered haddock, new pond perch or a mix of the 2. Dinners integrate coleslaw, Canfora bakery marbled rye-bread, tartar sauce and choice of boiled reddish carrots German potato salad, potato pancakes or French fries.

But, they even offer outstanding fish fry (on Fridays only) with breaded cod, coleslaw, house-made fries and rye bread

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