Ostersund. Women. Individual race. Forecast by Alexander Zolotogorsky

Well, we are sad about biathlon bets? I also! But deliberately waited out in order to have more information. Relays in Östersund have become a very important link for analysis. Now we can not act blindly.

And the first thing I want to emphasize: the failure in the relay of Julia Dzhima is an accident. The problem was that I had to shoot at a distant installation. Her position was heavily ventilated on both sides, and the wind was very gusty. The coach of the national team Urosh Velepets told about this in detail. An indicator of Jim’s shooting ability is the stance. There she worked flawlessly. Where most were wrong and could not cope with the wind and their own excitement. Julia is now the leader of our team (Podgrushnaya must finally recover from her illness). She is in great shape and demonstrates a new speed for herself (she very, very much improved this parameter). In the 4-shooting races, the Ukrainian will always be the favorite.

At the time when I write these lines, there are still few comparisons. If anything comes up against biathletes with shooting problems, consider. For example, Selina Gasparin, Dunkley, Gessner, possibly Olsby and Birkeland (Eckhoff, unfortunately, will not start), even Makarainen (I’ll tell you more about her below). I now have a comparison only with Bescon. There is a certain risk here. But you can check. I will explain why. Firstly, Jim is faster now (though Bescon will just run for Doren. And perhaps they will somehow disperse each other). And in Shushen, in the last and rather revealing pre-season stage, Jim beat Bescon in the mass start, winning one and a half minutes. Secondly, the Ukrainian has a more stable stance. And in prone she will not repeat the mistakes of the relay. This comparison cannot be called «iron». But it is playful. After all, we have a coefficient of 1.96 on .

And now about Makarainen. This is not a Kaisa race. She was 24th here last year with 5 penalties (all standing). In the relay, she shot terribly – after the rack, two penalty loops. Here we can catch a high rate. And when they offer 2.27 why not take. This comparison with Hildebrand. Reliable shooter who finished fourth overall last year in individual races. And in terms of speed, all German women are fine now. And in the relay, Francisca made only one mistake. Makarainen should win in this comparison only if he shoots at least on the same level with his opponent, perhaps if he loses Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. at most one shot. I can’t believe it somehow. At least now after the starting relay.

Until all. This is an individual race. Play against those who are primarily insecure about shooting. In Östersund, besides, the wind is rather unpredictable.

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Ostersund. Women. Individual race

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