Ak Bars – Salavat Yulaev (2nd match): forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

Despite the fact that my readers from sunny Bashkiria in chorus convinced me that I greatly underestimate their beloved Salavat, which will split the Kvartalnov system like a rotten nut, the semi-final green derby began as planned, and, let’s say, even more confident than planned. That is, «Salavat» lost the war of nerves at the beginning of the second period, and by the middle of the match the issue with the winner was resolved. And decided not at all as dreamed in Ufa.

In this episode, by the way, the strength of the nerves is crucial. The first round «Salavat» lost, which significantly facilitated the task for the opponent and made it difficult for himself. The Ufa team will go to the second match, albeit quite slightly, but nevertheless in a nailed mood, and there it is already one step before the second consecutive defeat in the series.

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Therefore, one can quite boldly and somewhere even brazenly predict the second master’s victory of «Ak Bars». Probably still more stubborn than the first one, but the «big Tatars» again have enough time. The score in the series will be 2-0, Salavat will take one victory at home, and everything will end in Kazan, in the fifth match. Until the sixth match, that is, the second victory of the Ufa team, I, sorry, do not see it, with all my deepest respect for all Bashkir hockey.

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Ak Bars – Salavat Yulaev (2nd match): forecast and bet by Maxim Lebedev

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